We are Alexander Knight Recruitment, and we turn job vacancies into careers.


The personal recruitment specialists

At Alexander Knight Recruitment, we pride ourselves on our personal service. We offer an independent, tailor made recruitment solution to cater to your business needs. For so many recruitment agencies, it is just about getting someone in for an interview without taking into account what type of person is actually needed for the job.

We take those extra steps to make sure we help both the client and the candidate fill the role as best we can. We specialise in Finance, Accounts, Sales, Web & Marketing and IT, and our service costs you nothing until we fill your job vacancy.

We will help you find a job

We are serious about finding a job for our candidates. We understand how frustrating job searching can be when you are just not getting the results you want. Every step we take, we make sure we are accurately sourcing the right candidates for the right job vacancies, and ensure we are getting each individual into suitable careers.

We aim to place the right person in the right job not only for their skills, but also for their personality fit. Even if we can not find a job vacancy available for you at the time, we will keep a record of your CV and contact you again when a suitable role does come up.

What makes us different from other recruitment agencies?

Our process is personal and tailor made to help both the client and the candidate.


We collect all accurate details of the job vacancies

We prefer to visit our client to obtain an in-depth understanding of the role and environment and will always clarify all information before we put a job vacancy live. We want to make sure the client is happy with everything first. Once we know the company, we are happy to take details over the telephone if that is easier for them. 


Advertise on websites and social media

We upload your job advert onto our website, a national job site, and our social media channels, including LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Remember, our service costs you nothing unless we fill your job vacancy.


Filter applications and hand over potential candidates

We carefully sort through all applications, and we will match their skills and experience with the requirements of your job opening. We will pass on all good candidates and keep a record of unsuccessful applications for potential future job vacancies.


Conduct telephone or Skype interviews

We will hold a telephone or skype interview with the selected candidates, asking them a selection of agreed questions that the client feels are important or necessary. We will take notes during the interview and email a shortlist of applicants to the client with a summary. We are also happy to give further details over the telephone.


Narrow down candidates ready for interviews

After confirming with the client about which candidates are suitable for the final stage, we will contact the successful applicants and organise a time and date for an interview. We will also contact the candidates after they have had their interview to ask them for their feedback, and to advise them that we will be in touch as soon as we can to confirm if they were successful.


Background checks

At Alexander Knight Recruitment, we always ensure we know exactly who we are speaking to when dealing with candidates. We run extensive background checks and analyse criminal records to ensure the identity of the candidate at hand for the client’s peace of mind. You can be sure all of the candidates we put forward have had a clear background check and are who they say they are.

Why choose the recruitment specialists?

See what our clients say

I found my experience with Alexander Knight Recruitment very successful. I was given all the information that I required, along with a very good and friendly service. It is different from other agencies because it’s very personal and you do not feel like a number in the pile. They also called and emailed exactly when they said they would, and never cancelled any interviews.


From the moment I spoke to Alexander Knight Recruitment I felt at ease. I was given a full and detailed description of the job role to which I had applied and felt I was screened fully through friendly conversation to make sure I had the necessary skills and experience needed for the role. My interview process was handled promptly and efficiently which left me with full confidence at interview. I would highly recommend Alexander Knight from both a client and candidate perspective.


I found the experience of the recruitment process with Alexander Knight to be nice and smooth, with the help of the friendly staff I was put at ease throughout the whole process from initial telephone call to final job offer


I found Alexander Knight Recruitment extremely helpful and not like a typical (in my experience) recruiter. The role was described accurately, with both pros and cons. Debbie was happy to talk to me at length about the role and truthfully answer any of the questions that I had. Dealing with Alexander Knight Recruitment was a real pleasure and if you are looking to move roles, or simply have an honest chat about what could be available to you with a real person, I would recommend Debbie.


I have been extremely pleased with the candidates Alexander Knight Recruitment have secured for the positions we created during the course of the year, and all members of staff have settled well into their roles.