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About Alexander Knight Recruitment


Antony Meo realised there was a gap in the market when he discovered his dissatisfaction with recruitment agencies when placing staff in his companies. As a busy entrepreneur, Antony found it increasingly frustrating to be sent CV’s and candidates that did not fit the job criteria or company ethos.


Antony set up an in-house recruitment service to enable him to recruit his own employees with a more personal strategy and with the help of professional recruiter, Debbie Rosson.


The in-house recruitment plan proved successful, and Antony decided to expand this and offer a bespoke and personal recruitment service specialising in Finance, Accounts, Sales, Web & Marketing and IT to external businesses and candidates.


Alexander Knight Recruitment is growing increasingly successful, with a professional CV writing service launched. We aim to help lots of businesses and candidates find what they are looking for with our unique service in the years to come.

Meet the senior team

Antony Meo

Managing Director

Antony has over 25 years’ experience of running his own multi million-pound turnover businesses. He is passionate about providing the best customer service that he can in all of his companies. From his own experience, he understands what businesses need to function efficiently and thrives to provide the most effective solution.

Antony is a Business Adviser to companies that are looking for help starting up or giving advice to established companies that are struggling in the market. He can breathe new life into organisations of all sizes and industries. With his work ethic and motivational skills, he is able to offer a unique, personal service.

Debbie Rosson

Head of Recruitment

Debbie has over 20 years’ experience working in Finance, Sales & Marketing roles. She has also run her own business, so has an in depth understanding of all aspects involved.

Having worked as an employer hiring for positions, she found it increasingly frustrating dealing with recruitment agencies that would send over CV's for candidates, that really did not have the relevant experience. Working for Alexander Knight Recruitment has given her the opportunity to take her people skills and judgement, allowing her to offer a tailor made recruitment solution that she herself once craved.

Katie Farthing

General Manager

Katie has extensive knowledge in customer service and office management, her high level of organisational skills ensures total efficiency in her position. 

Clients notoriously know Katie for her polite telephone manner and her upbeat approach to resolving situations. With her positive attitude and motivated work ethic, Katie certifies fantastic service and quick solutions to any queries.