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Why choose us to find a job?


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We make it personal

We take regular recruiting a step further by making sure that we get to know the candidate through means of effective communication and by building a strong understanding of their needs and requirements in the role they would like to pursue. We take the time to source all relevant jobs and match the candidate with the vacancies that suit them not only by description, but by location and work environment to help them find a job they love.

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Flexibility to suit you

Lots of recruitment agencies are only available 9 - 5, which makes trying to organise an interview or even a chat on the phone really difficult. Too often candidates have to take time out of their current job to attend an interview or phone call, but Alexander Knight Recruitment give you the time you need by making ourselves available through our out-of-office hours and holding Skype and telephone interviews outside of general work time to make things easier for you.

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Video CVs

According to a study, 94% of of employers would be more inclined to hire a candidate if they had the opportunity to see a video CV at some point during the recruiting process. A video CV can help you find a job by making you stand out from a crowd of black and white text, and it allows you to express your skills and knowledge as well as projecting a little of your personality too. Find out more about our video CV service and our guide to the ultimate video CV.

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Personality matters

Alexander Knight Recruitment have their professionals extensively check CVs against the specific job description to make sure requirements and needs are there for the candidate. Not only that, but we make sure we source the right job for the candidate based on their personality, too. This gives candidates the chance to work somewhere they will really enjoy and get on in an environment that suits them. Our recruiters are always friendly and make each and every candidate feel relaxed and calm throughout the entire process.

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It could not be easier to find a job

From working outside of normal office hours to setting up Skype calls and arranging interviews on the candidate’s behalf, Alexander Knight Recruitment strive to make it as easy as possible to help you find a new job. By signing up, you will receive your own profile where you can upload your CV, save the jobs you are interested in and see which jobs you have already applied for.  We will do everything else for you.

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We keep you in mind

We strive to find the perfect job for each candidate we take on, however occasionally not all of the candidates are successful in finding the job vacancy they are looking for at that moment in time. Alexander Knight Recruitment keep a record of your CV so that if at any time a job does come up that could interest you, we will get in touch right away.